2018 - Campaign for LGBTQ rights in Russia and Chechnya

The last week of November 2018, the Equality Advocacy Project carried out its first activity in Spain with Mikhail Tumasov, one of the founders of the Russian Aid Network to the LGTBQ community. In addition to a media tour in which Tumasov met with the most important media in Spain, he had the opportunity to present his case to the most relevant political authorities in the country.

Led by The Equality Advocacy Project, Tumasov's visit to Spain seeks to revive the interest of the international community in the persecution of the LGTBQ community in Russia. Special emphasis was placed on the Chechen situation, where hundreds of members of the LGBTQ community have been persecuted and tortured. In this regard, our NGO has demanded from the Spanish government through its European institutions a greater interest and protagonism in an issue that we believe is of the utmost urgency and cannot be forgotten. The Equality Advocacy Project held a meeting between Tumasov and PSOE (the party in power in Spain), PP, Ciudadanos and Podemos.

In addition to meeting with politicians the media, The Equality Advocacy Project organized a meeting with activists and social agents in order to seek greater involvement, as well as the possibility of knowing first-hand the situation of a group that is in danger and abandoned by the international community.


"I think that is an awesome work done by The Equality Advocacy Project team. I do a lot of different interviews and meetings, but I should admit that the way these people arranged the agenda shows the highest level of profesional skills and deep involvement into the subject of human rights", said Mikhail Tumasov about his experience in Spain.

The Equality Advocacy Project will continue to lobby for both the institutions and the general society to help solve the traumatic situation of our comrades in Russia and Chechnya. We are currently in talks with the OSCE, which acts as a tool to put pressure on the Russian government. In this regard,  we would like to highlight the role of the Moscow Mechanism, an investigation promulgated by the OSCE and aimed at shedding light on the tortures and disappearances in Chechnya.

The following are Mikhail Tumasov's interventions in some of the most important media in Spain.

Telemadrid  Europa Press  El País  La Mirada Común  La Vanguardia  Prisma LGTBI  Noticiero Digital Shangay Contacto Hoy

El Periódico  El Closet LGTBI  Antena 3

As a result of Mikhail media tour in Spain, The Equality Advocacy Project was able not only to raise awareness within the political elite but reached to out to an audience close to 30 million people.